About Us

The general focus of our research is the promotion of positive body image in various physical activity settings,  testing the associations between positive body image, mindful exercise, exercise motivation, nature connectedness and exercising in nature, other health-related lifestyles, and overall quality of life in populations of different ages. We are also interested in the analysis of the origin and prevention of disordered eating in competitive sports. 

Rasa Jankauskiene is a senior researcher at the Institute of Sport Innovations and a professor at the Department of Physical and Social Education of Lithuanian Sports University. Since her PhD in Education in 2001, she worked as head of the Departments of Combat Sports, Physical Activity and Health and a vice-rector for Studies at Lithuanian Sports University. Rasa Jankauskienė is an author of more than 50 national scientific and Web of Science journal publications.  She is supervising scientific and study projects, and PhD dissertations, she is a reviewer of various international scientific journals. She is a teacher of subjects of Methodology of Health Education, Intervention Mapping, Physical Activity and Body image, and Behavioral Theories for Physical Activity Promotion“ delivered for the first, second and third-cycle students. 

Migle Baceviciene – medical doctor and PhD in Epidemiology and Public Health, graduated from the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Migle is currently working at the Lithuanian Sports University in the position of Associate Professor at the Department of Physical and Social Education. For 20 years Migle Baceviciene was involved in designing, planning and conducting epidemiological studies of different designs. M. Baceviciene has a 5-year international experience as a national contact coordinating the project „Health, Alcohol and Psychosocial Factors in Eastern Europe (HAPIEE)“. Her research interests are focused on physical activity and sedentary behaviour assessment, cardiovascular health and mortality risk assessment, quality of life, body image, lifestyle-related behaviours and health education programs to prevent obesity, disordered eating, and health-compromising compensatory behaviours to reduce body weight in adolescents and young adults. M. Baceviciene is the author of 54 Web of Science publications and delivers study subjects „Epidemiological Research and Analysis“, „Research Methods and Statistics“, „Epidemiology and Prevention of Chronic non Communicable Disease“, „Advanced Methods in Epidemiology and Modern Public Health“ for the first and the second cycle students. M. Baceviciene is a research group member of the International network “Schools for Health in Europe” and invited Assoc. Editor of international journals BMC Public Health and MDPI Behavioral Sciences. Since 2015 M. Baceviciene is working in the Global Observatory for Physical Activity as a Country Contact for Lithuania.